Sports Performance Memberships

Our memberships allow unlimited access to our Speed and Agility Classes (SAQ) as well as our Strength Classes for athletes ages 12 to 18. We also offer a membership that allows elementary aged athletes to attend an unlimited amount of our Intro to Speed Classes.

Private and Semi-Private Training

TPA offers Private Training, Semi-Private Training, and Return to Sport Training options. Private and Semi-Private training are great options for athletes that are looking for sport-specific workouts. Our Return to Sport program is designed to help athletes transition from physical therapy back to being 100% in their sport after an injury.
Speed and Agility Training focuses on functional, practical training to help athletes across all sports reach their potential. Our model is a comprehensive approach which centers on core areas of Speed, Explosiveness, Agility, Acceleration, Flexibility, and Strength
By addressing these areas in a thorough, systematic fashion, athletes will improve their athleticism, reduce risk of injury and improve sports-specific performance. All of our training is done with emphasis on building character as well as improving athletic performance. Our trainers and staff are committed to instilling values of self-discipline, focus, hard work, intensity, determination, teamwork and perseverance.
In season programs are also constructed for athletes to ensure their bodies stay ready for competition year round. Every exercise, set, and rep performed at TPA has a purpose. That purpose is to improve the performance of our athletes and to also decrease their potential risk for injury. We achieve this goal by enhancing mobility, strength, power, and muscle mass.

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We have two kinds of sports performance memberships: Unlimited Sports Performance and Unlimited Intro to Speed. The Unlimited Sports Performance Membership is for athletes ages 12 to 18, and includes our SAQ (Speed and Agility) and Strength Classes. Athletes on this membership may attend as many of these classes through out the month as they would like. Our Intro to Speed memberships are for elementary aged athletes. This allows athletes to attend our Intro to Speed Classes as many times through out the month as they would like.

Memberships run on a month to month basis, depending on the day you sign up. For example, if you sign up on the 15th of June, your membership with auto-renew on the 15th of July. During those 30 days you are able to come to as many classes as you like.

ALL sports! Our Speed and Agility classes and Strength classes are aimed to help athletes across any sport develop speed and strength. If you are looking for sport-specific training (example: running back workouts, soccer workouts, hockey training, etc.), we offer private training and semi-private training, where our CSCS certified coaches will work with you to develop a program that is specific to your athletic needs.

If you would like to sign up, your athlete will need to first complete an evaluation at the facility.

Please email to sign up for an evaluation!

You may reserve you spot in class by visiting our mindbody site or by downloading the app TPANC.

Yes! We offer one free Speed and Agility class to anyone that is new to the facility.


Unlimited Sports Performance

  • Allows athletes to attend an unlimited number of Speed and/or Strength Classes
  • Access to TeamBuildr, a workout programming software
  • For athletes ages 12-18

Intro to Speed

  • Allows athletes to attend as many Intro to Speed Classes as they would like
  • For athletes that are elementary school aged

Personal Training

  • Available in 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions
  • Private or semi-private (2-4 athletes) options
  • Speed and Agility, Strength, or Combination
  • Training program that is developed specifically for the athlete
  • If you are a college athlete and have a workout program provided to you by your school, we can help you through those work outs as well