In the Past 3 Years, the TPA Nationals have a 92% college offer rate with a 66% commitment rate.

Sam Kulasingam ’20 SS

Austin Overton ’17 RHP

Cody Jones ’17 OF

Tanner Flowers ’17 RHP

Sam Holt ’21 OF

Landon Sykes ’22 RHP INF

Jared Mayer ’22 C/RHP/CIF

Cole Christman ’20 RHP

Richard Hooks ’19 OF

Charlie Everhard ’21 OF

Andy Fahringer ’22 RHP

Greg Strickland ’18 RHP

Allen Brown ’21 INF

Case Stroup ’20 LHP

Devon Rodriguez ’20 MIF

Evan Hardin ’19 OF

Brendan Wright ’18 RHP

Jonah Oster ’21 C/3B

Alexander Crosby ’19 OF

Reece Landmark ’20 1B

Dean Collum ’22 RHP 1B

Sam Schall ’22 MIF

Andrew Vladyka ’18 OF

Braxton Borddorf ’18 SS

Mason Hughes ’24 SS

Collins Black ’24 RHP

Ian Asken ’19 RHP

Pete Maldonado ’21 C/3B

Jayson Arendt ’19 RHP

Will Thistle ’20 C

Alex McAlmon ’21 C/O

Tyson Measamer ’19 1B

Kaden Brown ’21 OF

Payton Bloom ’22 OF

Austin Gilley ’19 C

Greer Farr ’22 MIF/RHP

Joshua Fuller ’19 RHP

David Keith ’20 RHP

Nathan Cormell ’19 RHP

Alex Imposimato ’20 C

Lukas Schramm ’22 OF

Tanner Hunley ’21 RHP

Ty Peters ’20 MIF

Will Orr ’21 MIF

Jackson White ’20 C

Bryson Smith ’19 OF

Jordan Lathe ’18 2B

Connor Mangum ’20 SS

Rheanne Burden ’21 3B

Jake Isbell ’17 RHP

Gabriel Brewington ’20 RHP

Connor Knapp ’18 MIF

Billy Waldron ’22 OF

Will Marcy ’21 SS

Kam Walker ’21 MIF

Darrien Whitaker ’21 OF

Matthew Chisum ’20 RHP

Jacob Coffin ’21 LHP

Alex Macom ’20 LHP

Nolan Connaughton ’21 RHP

Xander Lietz ’21 C

Josh Harlow ’19 RHP

Robbie Frongello ’17 RHP

Jayson Gross ’19 1B

Daniel McElveny ’21 SS

Brandon George ’17 C

Brady Nathison ’22 OF

Michael Groves ’20 C/1B

Jay Allmer ’20 RHP

Isaac Williams ’21 LHP

Lance Phillips ’22 RHP

Ben Peterson ’20 RHP

Patrick Wheeler ’16 OF

Lane Rhodes ’19 C

Bryan Arendt ’21 C

Zane Taylor ’21 RHP

Brock Wills ’21 MIF

Will Epstein ’22 OF

Xander Hamilton ’19 OF

Kevin Catrine ’17 OF

Jake Gregory ’17 RHP/UT

Christian Schmidt ’19 OF

Jayden Gattling ’20 OF

Alyssa Wilson ’20 SS/C

Connor Hill ’21 3B

Lucas Valverde ’22 RHP OF

Brendan Burke ’21 C

Hazen Lancaster ’21 LHP

Parker Fernstrum ’17 INF

Wyatt McInnis ’18 1B/OF

Gerard Chamra ’18 RHP

Cole Thompson ’20 OF

Andy Zuber ’17 C

Cameron Roof ’18 SS

Sports Performance


Shelby Cornett

Patrick Trease

Tyson Fernandez

Kevin Martinez

Sean Horton

Jonathan Streeter

Joseph Kelly

Quincy Pugh

Jenna Soe

Cam Donaldson

Joshua Harris

Cash Devaughn

Kayla Dunn

Nick Hale

Cierra Revelle

Dareke Young

Bryson Smith

Ángel Collazo

Sam Perez

Julia Cerasi

Justin Reed

Trevor Sheehan

Matt Willadsen

Tyler Weiss

Dominic Vidoli

Chase Christopher

Jake Raleigh

Skylar Brind’Amour

Joseph Velley

Nicholas Wildgoose

Braxton Boddorf

Wade Chandler

Michael Groves

Tori Hanson

Matthew Chisum

Jack Howell

Abby Davia

Abby Hugo

Parker Gilliam

Dane Stewart

Blake Rudd


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