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Our baseball boot camp is a baseball specific camp- for campers ages 7-13- their typical day will begin with the 8am-9am drop off period- during that time we’ll have both our baseball campers and all day sports campers separated out on our main turf. They’ll play different games until 9am when everyone has arrived. From 9-9:15 they’ll do a dynamic warm up- if the weather is nice we’ll have them outside for this on turf outside behind the building. Then we’ll divide the baseball campers and all day sports campers- the baseball camp group will head over to our baseball side and hit off our Hittrax machine- a special tool that shows campers on a screen where their hit would have landed and how far it went relative to a baseball diamond. This will also keep track of specific baseball measurements including exit velocity, distance, launch angle, etc.. They’ll focus on all the different aspects of baseball; primarily hitting and fielding. About halfway through the morning they’ll stop for a 15 minute snack and water break. Baseball camp runs from 9am-12pm.
If you would like them to stay all day, “After camp” is available where the baseball boot campers can join the sports campers for lunch and continued game play. During lunch we’ll have sports videos quietly playing in the background- “Dude Perfect” trick shots are usually a favorite if you are familiar with them. After lunch is cleaned up and everyone has washed their hands, they’ll return back to playing games on the turf. They’ll play different games ranging from dodgeball, soccer, football, badminton, whiffle ball, etc.. and will also play outside weather permitting. Later in the afternoon they’ll have another snack break before pick up between 5-6pm.